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Since the hepatitis C virus was discovered in 1989, scientists are constantly searching for a drug that would save mankind from this global health problem. Infection with hepatitis c has acquired an alarming scale. The World Health Organization provides data on 3-4 million people who fall ill every year. More than 50% of them get a chronic disease.

Unfortunately, there are more questions related to the treatment of hepatitis C than answers. What drugs treat hepatitis, how much is treatment and duration of treatment.

If you suspect that you are infected with hepatitis C, you need to undergo special tests in a medical facility. If the result is positive, then an additional study will be needed that will give a complete image of the variety of the virus, the viral load and many others.

The specificity of hcv therapy depends on a number of factors that can affect the positive or negative outcome:

  • The gender of the patient;
  • Age;
  • Duration of the disease;
  • Genotype of the virus;
  • The degree of fibrosis.

To achieve the effect of hepatitis c treatment, it is important to choose the drugs with the best results.  Daclatasvir Brand Name DalsiClear 60mg - antiviral drug is one of the most powerful ways to withstand chronic hepatitis C. Due to its highly specific chemical composition, this medication has proved to be an effective and safe way to fight such a serious disease of the hepatobiliary system.

Dalsiclear 60 Mg Medicines Specification:

  • Brand Name DalsiClear
  • Composition Daclatasvir Dihydrochloride
  • Manufactured byAbbott India Ltd.
  • Strength 60 mg 
  • PackingPack of 28 Tablets
Note  In this case, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the doctor and be under the strictest supervision.

Diet During Treatment

Since the hepatitis C virus and preparations for its treatment purposefully act on the liver, it is recommended that a sparing lifestyle be used to protect this organ from unnecessary stress. Patients are advised to avoid intense physical exercise, stress and quit smoking.

It is also important to follow a diet that will support the work of the liver and help it to recover quickly. Recommendations for nutrition are as follows:

  • Alcohol and fatty foods are excluded.
  • Excluded are spicy dishes, canned food and smoked products.
  • The amount of salt is limited.
  • Food intake should be frequent, but in small portions.
  • Vegetable soups and cereals are useful, especially buckwheat.
  • Dairy products of low fat content are allowed.
  • Meat should be chosen low-fat and eat it in a boiled form.

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